Reliable Rooter Privacy Policy

No information on this site is to be used as a substitute for professional advice or expert opinion. Any information on this site is an online supplement for septic tank owners, not a fully comprehensive guide. The text, content, images, and information hereby displayed on the following pages is the solely owned and operated by Reliable Rooter and its partnered companies.

Third Party

Any information we collect online or in-person is never sold or distributed to third parties. To provide all of our customers with the best experience possible, any direct information that we collect (including financial payment information, names, home addresses, or other personally identifiable data) is retained solely by our company and never sold, rented, or provided to advertisement agencies or third party organizations.

Changing Personal Information

At any time, you can change or remove your personal information as registered with Reliable Rooter. Any change in address, payment information, or septic tank specifications can be sent to us by email or changed via phone. Before any such changes, we may ask you to confirm your identity based on information from the last service appointment.

Storing Personal Data

Our team securely stores all private and personal data based on industry standards. This information is not accessible to unauthorized employees or any third parties.


Our site does use cookies. Online cookies do not contain personally identifiable information, but are only used to improve the online experience for users. We use cookies to assess data about which services and pages are most often clicked by users, but this data remains completely anonymous. Cookies are used to improve the pages that you visit the most and to ensure that our site is always running properly.


Our site and blog posts might contain external links to outside sources and websites. These do not express the opinions or beliefs of Reliable Rooter, but are meant only to serve as other online resources for septic tank maintenance.

We reserve the right to change any part of this privacy policy at our company’s discretion to improve our business and customer service. For more information, speak with a Reliable Rooter representative at (404) 915-0557.