Reliable Rooter Septic System Inspections

Comprehensive Assessments of Your Home’s Septic System

When you notice that your home’s plumbing system isn’t acting normal, it’s already too late for a preemptive fix. When you sense or smell the signs of septic tank trouble, it means that an expensive solution is probably your only option. The best way to prevent these costly and unfortunate situations is to inspect your septic system regularly, at least once a year, to ensure that everything from the septic tank to the drainfield is properly treating your home’s wastewater.

At Reliable Rooter, we specialize in onsite septic inspections for thousands of Metro Atlanta homeowners. Whether you need us to diagnose a specific problem or just want a routine checkup, our team can arrive on the specified appointment date for prompt and expert service. With our industry-leading technology and highly certified team, we can identify any problem with your septic system. Many of these problems can be fixed the same-day, while bigger issues might require us to return at a later date. Simply give us a call and schedule a Reliable Rooter inspection today!

Signs To Look Out For

Even though there is no “check engine” light on your home’s septic system, there are dozens of warning signs that could indicate trouble. Before you schedule an inspection, notify your Reliable Rooter technician if you notice:

  • Standing water in your yard (above the drainfield)
  • Foul smells near the drains of your room or outside
  • Slow draining sinks or showers

Spongy or wet grass near the septic tank