At least once a year, if not more often, you should have your home’s septic system inspected by a professional. By doing so, you can ensure that your system is working properly and any issues will be addressed. If you have just moved into a home with a septic system, or you have just had a system installed, here is what to expect during inspections.

Visual Inspections

Because most of your septic system is underground, it can be difficult to detect when there is an issue. Additionally, this makes it almost impossible to inspect the system yourself, as you may not know what to look for.

Professional septic system technicians will know what to look for if there is something wrong with the system. Typically, during these types of inspections, the system expert will run water in the house and flush toilets. If drains don’t gurgle or move slowly, and water doesn’t appear on top of the ground near the septic tank, it is assumed that all is well.

While visual inspections can be a quicker process for everyone involved, they may not shed light on problems that could be happening below the surface, making for a waste of time (pun intended).

Full Inspections

Full inspections are a little more involved than visual inspections, as the septic system expert goes to greater lengths to provide a more thorough inspection.

During these types of inspections, the tank is located and opened. The liquid level is checked, making sure that the tank is not leaking or too full. If the level is normal, water is run from the house to make sure that it is entering the tank properly and flowing to the absorption area as it should.

Pumping the tank is the next step of a full inspection. As the tank is pumped, the inspectors will make sure backflow is not occurring from the absorption area. All system connections are checked, and the technician should look for any blockage in the plumbing or sewer lines.

Lastly, your septic system expert should ask you questions about your septic tank usage to ensure that you are both doing everything you can to keep the system running smoothly.

Maintenance Inspections

If you feel like your septic system isn’t working quite right, you should call in your professional septic system technician to have everything checked out. Telltale signs that something has gone wrong are: foul odors emitting from the tank, wastewater sitting on top of the ground or slow-draining pipes in the home.

Usually, when you spot one of these signs, it could already be too late to take preventative measures. When your contractor arrives, tell them what you have experienced. With this information, the septic system professional might have a good idea as to where to start looking for the root of the issue.

If you have a house with a septic tank, be sure to contact your local Georgia septic system professionals to set up regular inspections. You home and family will thank you, as you could be saving them from a stinky situation.