Reliable Rooter Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic System Maintenance for Atlanta Homeowners

Your septic tank needs regular maintenance through periodic inspections and routine cleaning. Depending on the size of your septic tank, pumping could be as often as once a year or as infrequent as every five. If you’re unsure about the size of your tank or need advice about how often to schedule cleanings, call Reliable Rooter – the best name in Atlanta septic system service.

Our locally owned and operated team has served hundreds of homeowners in the State of Georgia, eradicating whatever septic problem you might be facing and delivering prompt, affordable service for any type of maintenance.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Reliable Rooter, you can be confident that you’re standing behind the best team in the industry. Our septic professionals use advanced equipment, the newest chemical cleaners, and innovative practices to keep your septic system up and running like new. From the septic tank to the drainfield, we can solve any issue you might be facing with your septic system.

Our cleaning and pumping treatments are multi-step processes that are never complete until you are completely satisfied. This process includes:

  • Locating and accessing the tank lids
  • Wastewater and septage removal
  • Complete inspection of the inside of the system
  • Replacing and covering the soil above the tank

Call Reliable Rooter today to request a free quote for your next tank cleaning!