Reliable Rooter Septic Tank Installation

Installing the Longest-Lasting Systems in Atlanta

Just moved into a new home and need a reliable contractor to install a septic tank? Reliable Rooter is your solution to outfitting your home with the most reliable septic tanks in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Our certified technicians can do the job quickly and affordably without sacrificing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Installing a septic system requires a great deal of planning and intensive labor. The process first starts out by mapping your home’s topography and plumbing to find the best location for the septic tank and drainfield. Before we can break ground, you also need to obtain an onsite wastewater treatment permit from your local department of health – we’ll help you navigate through that process as well. Once we obtain permission from the county or State of Georgia, we can implant the septic tank, install the drainfield, and finally attach your home’s plumbing exit pipe to the septic system.

Being A Responsible Septic Tank Owner

As a homeowner with a septic system, you have a few more responsibilities than other Atlanta residents. You need to monitor the health of your septic system, watch out for signs of trouble (like slow draining pipes), and schedule regular septic tank pumpings. Reliable Rooter is your partner for any questions or concerns you might have along the way.

What Type of Septic System is Right for You?

Reliable Rooter has some of the most highly-trained technicians in the industry, meaning that we know how to install several types of septic tanks and systems. For example, depending on your home’s daily water usage, you could need anywhere from a 1000 gallon tank to a 2000 gallon tank (or possibly even more). The size of the tank will affect the overall installation cost. Further, if your home needs a more advanced septic system like a low-pressure dose system to carry water uphill or an aerobic system to recycle wastewater, then this will require the installation of other expensive components beyond a conventional septic tank.

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